Post Rehabilitation Facility

Post Rehabilitation Facility

Post Rehabilitation Facility services offered in Louisville, KY

After you leave a rehabilitation facility and return home, you might require post-rehabilitation facility care via telehealth as you continue physical therapy at home or in an outpatient facility. Serving Kentucky, the medical  team at Simplicity Transitional Health offer medical support post-rehabilitation facility care using telemedicine. Call Simplicity Transitional Health or schedule your appointment online today.

Post Rehabilitation Facility Q & A

What is post-rehabilitation facility care?

Leaving a rehabilitation facility means continuing care independently and without the level of support you received in the facility itself. You’ll likely need to continue with physical therapy at home so your injury can continue healing and so you can maintain function. 

In a rehabilitation facility, you engage in care that helps you restore or improve abilities and functions necessary for your daily life after an injury or condition that sets you back. Specialists assist you with setting and working toward specific goals, such as regaining strength, dexterity, or overall independence. 

Post-rehabilitation facility care can help you return to your typical routine as rapidly as possible including work, exercise, and self-care. You’re discharged from the rehabilitation facility and go back home, but you might need extra assistance from the team at Simplicity Transitional Health. The team provides telehealth services to support you through your transition from a facility to your home. 

What does telemedicine post-rehabilitation facility care entail?

Your telemedicine visits with Simplicity Transitional Health involve direct messaging and video calls so the team can see and interact with you as they provide guidance. They evaluate you regularly as you go through home physical therapy, checking in to track your improvements and make sure your program is working well for you.

If you’re taking any medications after your rehab facility discharge, the team also makes sure those medications are beneficial and that you’re taking them at appropriate dosages. The team of providers has in-person experience with post-rehabilitation recovery that applies to your home care plan after discharge. 

Who can benefit from post-rehabilitation facility care?

Simplicity Transitional Health can provide you with the individualized post-rehabilitation facility care you need to continue recovery from a variety of injuries and medical conditions at home. 

There are many reasons why you might be in a rehabilitation facility in the first place and require post-rehabilitation facility care at home after discharge, including:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Surgery
  • Stroke
  • Severe infections
  • Chronic pain

Your care plan evolves over time as you reach new stages of recovery. An individualized post-rehabilitation facility home care plan may help you stay out of the hospital and avoid returning to the facility later on. 

Call Simplicity Transitional Health or book a telehealth visit online for personalized post-rehabilitation facility care today.