Post Hospitalization Care

Post Hospitalization Care

Post Hospitalization Care services offered in Louisville, KY

Leaving an inpatient facility to return to your home involves some temporary life changes as you continue your recovery. Serving Kentucky the medical team at Simplicity Transitional Health provides personalized post-hospitalization care to avoid complications in your recovery. Call Simplicity Transitional Health or book a telehealth appointment online today.

Post Hospitalization Care Q & A

What is post-hospitalization care?

Post-hospitalization care involves taking care of yourself after you leave a hospital, rehabilitation center, or another inpatient facility with round-the-clock care. These transitional periods are crucial times for healing and recovery, and it’s important that you know how to care for yourself effectively in your own residence. 

Getting the proper post-hospitalization care can help you avoid a relapse or avoid contracting another disease. It can also help you avoid complications from a wound or illness that might put you back into the hospital. 

Who can benefit from post-hospitalization care?

Simplicity Transitional Health provides post-hospitalization care to serve multiple purposes. You might benefit from telehealth care after a hospital visit or inpatient treatment for:

Chronic illnesses

A chronic illness is a disease that lasts longer than a year and requires ongoing maintenance so you can live comfortably. Your chronic illness might make it difficult to transition back into your normal routine after a hospital stay. 

Wound care

Wound care involves cleaning and managing a flesh injury such as a laceration or ulcer. Someone else provides this care while you’re in the hospital, but Simplicity Transitional Health can evaluate your wound and make sure you know how to care for it on your own as it heals. 


Recovery after surgery can be a lengthy process requiring rehabilitation, medications, and wound care. Simplicity Transitional Health can guide you in this process with telehealth. 


Some acute (short-term) illnesses require hospitalization. You might feel weak when you leave the hospital and require some temporary lifestyle modifications. Simplicity Transitional Health follows up with you and offers personalized guidance. 

What does post-hospitalization telehealth care entail?

Your telehealth visits with Simplicity Transitional Health involve evaluations that take place using video calls. You can attend them from your own home or wherever you decide to complete your recovery, such as a family member’s home. 

The team asks you multiple questions about your recovery to gather information on your symptoms and any potential complications. They then offer personalized guidance to help you continue your own care at home, including wound management and medication use. They may adjust your medications according to your individual needs. 

Call Simplicity Transitional Health or schedule your next telehealth appointment online for post-hospitalization care and recovery today.