RayShunale Smith DNP

Chief Executive Officer located in Kentucky

RayShunale Smith, DNP

Board-certified nurse practitioner RayShunale Smith, DNP, provides patients with quality telemedicine health care at Simplicity Transitional Health, which serves Louisville, Kentucky, and Southern Indiana. She specializes in helping patients adjust to day-to-day life after staying in a hospital, rehabilitation center, or other facilities.    

RayShunale earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Indiana Wesleyan in Marion, Indiana, in 2010. She then attended the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, where she earned a family nurse practitioner master’s degree and a secondary master’s in acute gerontology. After that, RayShunale earned her doctorate of nursing practice from Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Throughout her career, RayShunale has spent years providing direct patient care in various settings, including intensive care units, hospitals, and patients’ homes as a home care specialist. She now routinely provides home health care, chronic disease management, and post-hospitalization telehealth care in her role at Simplicity Transitional Health. 

As a telehealth provider, RayShunale makes sure all of her patients feel heard and accommodated. She follows evidence-based guidelines and makes sure there are open lines of communication among all of a patient’s collaborating providers. 

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