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Simplicity Transitional Health

primary care & telehealth serving kentucky

patient doctor

Simplicity Transitional Health

primary care & telehealth serving kentucky

Simplicity Transitional Health

About Simplicity Transitional Health

Simplicity Transitional Health is a telemedicine practice supporting patients as they transition back to normal life after discharge from a hospital, rehabilitation facility, or other inpatient care. Serving Kentucky, the medical team offers supportive services that don’t require patients to leave their homes, referring to outside specialists when needed. 

The medical team at Simplicity Transitional Health has direct hospital experience and is familiar with the challenges of returning home after a hospital stay. They routinely provide supportive care for patients with wounds, chronic diseases, and recent surgeries, including medication management, wound care, and lifestyle alterations. 

Patients of Simplicity Transitional Health can log on to discuss their recovery processes confidentially with the team using high-definition video calls. The team provides detailed evaluations and asks in-depth questions about patients’ conditions and concerns. 

Post-hospitalization and post-rehabilitation center health care can happen almost exclusively in a patient’s home. The team at Simplicity Transitional Health supports patients as they work toward rehabilitative goals and reach important milestones in their recovery processes. 

Call Simplicity Transitional Health directly to book a telehealth consultation or request an appointment online any time.

Patient Reviews

Starr is wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone!!!
RHEA W. | Apr 13, 2024
She’s smart, light, knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor. I would stay with her if they had an office that you could go to. But being a senior person, sometimes I think I need to be seen in the flesh. But i haven’t left yet so I might get used to the perks of a zoom call and never leave my chair.
INGRID C. | Mar 29, 2024
Great Service & Very Knowledgeable
CHRISTY E. | Aug 15, 2023
Dr. Smith was knowledgeable and thorough in my onboarding process. I had continuous support and it made the transition easy.
Dominique P. | Jul 20, 2023


We accept most insurance providers. If you have specific questions regarding your coverage, please contact us for additional information.
Passport Health Plan (Kentucky)
Aetna (PPO, HMO, TRS Care, Medicare Advantage, Work Comp)
Medicaid of Kentucky-KY Health Choices
Medicare Health Insurance***********
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